Permaprint Premium

PERMAPRINT PREMIUM inks are 100% solvent free, environmentally friendly screen printing inks for papers, cardboards, plastics, and some coated metals. PERMAPRINT PREMIUM water-based inks are known for their intense pigments rich in coverage and exceptional color yield. Available in 9 Aquatone Colors, Black, White, Extender (Print Paste), Opaque White, Clear Gloss Varnish and Matting Agent, 4 CMYK Process Colors, 8 Glow Colors and 4 Pearl Colors.

The Aquatone range is a color matching set comprised of 12 bases. These include 9 colors plus black, white and extender (print paste). For dark grounds it is advisable to use Opaque White first as an underbase. Opaque White is not part of the color matching set. The Aquatone color matching set can be used with the PERMATONE Mixing Guide.

PERMAPRINT PREMIUM does not contain ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs or HCHCs. It is also formulated free of aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile solvent and does not contain PVC resin or any phthalate plasticisers. The product is suitable for use on high lay-down hand printed wallpaper and art reproduction, through to stickers, posters and backlit displays.

PERMAPRINT PREMIUM water-based inks have no flash point and as such is exempt from flammable liquids regulations. PERMAPRINT PREMIUM screen printing inks ares also free from lead and other heavy metals.

PERMAPRINT PREMIUM is ideal for printing on:
| Paper | Polyesters (Mylar) | Polycarbonate Plastics | Cardboard | Some Coated Metals | Polystyrene | Perspex | Corflute |

Product Resistance: After air drying PERMAPRINT PREMIUM prints exhibit very good water resistance
Transparency: Transparent including White. Only Opaque White and the 4 Pearl Colors are opaque
Drying: Air dry
Mesh: Monofilament polyester 83-305 tpi (Opaque White 85-225 tpi)
Clean Up: Water
Increase Screen Open Time: 1-2% PERMASET Print Retarder
Applications: High lay-down hand-printed wallpaper & art reproduction, through to skateboards, stickers, posters & backlit displays
Substrates: Sealed paper, cardboard, Polyesters (Mylar), Tyvek, polycarbonates, some coated metals, polystyrene, Perspex, Corflute/Coroplast
Accessories: PERMAPRINT PREMIUM Gloss Varnish and Matting Agent, PERMASET Print Retarder and Extender (Print Paste)
Starter Kits: 12 x 300 mL Trial & 12 x 1 L Intro Kits

$ 16.00
Color - Opaque White
Opaque White
Standard White
Jet Black
Red BS
Red YS
Yellow RS
Yellow GS
Glow Blue
Glow Green
Glow Yellow
Glow Orange
Glow Red
Glow Pink
Glow Magenta
Glow Violet
Process Cyan
Process Magenta
Process Yellow
Process Black
Size - 300 ML

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