Permaset Aqua Puff Paste

PERMASET Puff Paste, is a water-based screen printing ink additive, to be used in conjunction with PERMASET AQUA Standard and PERMASET SUPERCOVER inks to create 3-D effects.

Downloads: PERMASET Puff Paste Tech Data

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How to increase screen open time with PERMAPRINT Premium Inks for paper and other substrates

Automatic screen printing with PERMAPRINT Premium water based inks
PERMAPRINT Premium water based screen printing inks for paper and other substrates are highly pigmented with a high resin/binder content so there is very little free water. Evaporation of water from the ink (air drying) is all that is required to cure PERMAPRINT Premium prints – while that’s great for the environment - you WILL need to minimise this evaporation while the ink is on the screen. The following tips will help you get around this: