PERMATONE Intro & Professional Kits

The 12 base PERMATONE water-based color-matching ink system can match over 1869 colors and is now available as a 12 x 1 L Intro kit or 12 x 4 L Professional kit. These kits include the 9 base colors plus Black, White and Extender (Print Paste).
$ 297.50
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How to increase screen open time with PERMAPRINT Premium Inks for paper and other substrates

Automatic screen printing with PERMAPRINT Premium water based inks
PERMAPRINT Premium water-based screen printing inks for paper and other substrates are highly pigmented with a high resin/binder content so there is very little free water. Evaporation of water from the ink (air drying) is all that is required to cure PERMAPRINT Premium prints – while that’s great for the environment - you WILL need to minimise this evaporation while the ink is on the screen. The following tips will help you get around this: