Permaset Aqua Supercover

Permaset Aqua Supercover
Permaset Aqua Supercover Permaset Aqua Supercover Environmentally friendly screen printing inks
NOTE: In certain colors on the bottom row, GLOW refers to a bright color tone. Glow colors do not 'glow in the dark'. Permaset's only glow-in-the-dark ink is the amazing water based phosphorescent ink.

Using advanced microscopic polymer technology, in Permaset Aqua Supercover, Colormaker has created a water-based ink that provides unsurpassed color opacity on the darkest fabrics, while maintaining minimal hand.

Permaset Aqua Supercover is ideal for printing on:

  • | Light and Dark Toned Fabrics | Natural and Synthetic Materials |

by Colormaker

$ 13.50

Supercover White
Supercover Black
Mid Yellow
Yellow R
Orange R
Mid Red
Ultra Blue
Blue B
Light Blue
Mid Green
Glow Green
Glow Blue
Glow Orange
Glow Pink
Glow Red
Glow Yellow
Glow Magenta
Glow Violet
Green B
Bright Red
First Down White

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