Permatone - Matching System

PERMATONE inks are a water-based color-matching ink system from Colormaker. The PERMATONE matching system is made up of 12 bases. These include 9 colors plus Black, White and Extender (Print Paste) and can mix over 1869 colors.

Exhibiting the trademark soft handle and long lasting rub resistance of PERMASET Screen Printing inks, PERMATONE inks provide pure vibrant color with the control of a color-tone matching system.

Eco Credentials: PERMATONE has been granted certification by the Soil Association of the UK, having successfully met the requirements of the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS) for non-organic chemical inputs for use in organic textile processing; PERMATONE water-based ink is the only ink outside of the UK to receive such certification.

PERMATONE is ideal for printing on:
| Light and Dark Toned Fabrics | Natural and Synthetic Fibers |

Rub Resistance: Strong
Handle: Soft
Transparency: Transparent including White. If printing on dark fabrics print over PERMASET SUPERCOVER First Down White 
Drying: Heat cure
Mesh: 110-305 tpi
Stencil Type: Must be water resistant, fully dried and fully cured
Clean Up: Water
Increase screen open time: add 1-3% PERMASET Print Retarder
Downloads: PERMATONE Color Card, PERMATONE Tech Data Sheet, PERMATONE Reductions E-book, PERMASET Heat Curing Guide
PERMASET Print Retarder, PERMASET Fabric Softener, PERMASET Table Adhesive, PERMASET Puff Paste and Mixing Guide.
Starter Kits: 12 x 1 L Intro Kit & 12 x 4 L Professional Kit


$ 19.20
Color - Black
Red BS
Red YS
Yellow RS
Yellow GS
Size - 1 Liter

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Customer Reviews

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